Week 24—- I get it! I think……wait, what?

My mind is officially blown.  Seriously.  I thought I understood the concept of the thought “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Nope.  Never really got it at all.

Crazy just crazy.  My thoughts today kept going to ….. “Be the observer, Sharon—observe to see the change”.   The whole thought that just changing my position from an active participant —from one who is always voicing opinions, saying how things should be this way or that way, constantly questioning why things go one way for one person and a completely different way for someone who seems to be doing all the same things—to someone who can calmly be an observer, well — it has been a struggle.

i thought all these months I was finally “getting it”…finally seeing that it is my attitude about things that is making my life more difficult than it needs to be.  I thought it was the fact that I just need to laugh more, find joy, be happy and content with exactly where I am in life—-that would be the secret.  And in some ways, I realize that is true.  Joy, gratitude and laughter are very important things and extremely vital in living an abundant life.

But wow, this week realizing that it is the very act of observing that changes things.  The little video that showed this just blew me away.  Today I have determined that will be the thing I will focus on for the majority of my “sits” in the next few days.  I want to absorb this concept because it is so unreal to me, but so fascinating, that I am afraid it will slip away from me if I do not spend some concentrated, focused time contemplating it.

Amazing.  Just amazing.  Incredible.  And oh so exciting 🙂


Week 23 — Almost to the end, or is it just the beginning?

I cannot believe we are in week 23 of this Master Keys journey.  My husband asks me, “how many more weeks?” each Sunday.  It’s not that he minds me being tied up with the webinar, he is just amazed that I have actually stuck it out  for so long.  See….I have not been one who really sees things through in the past.  He has been impressed that not only have I stuck with this course all these weeks, but he has seen such an improvement in my attitude and joy for life.

I was thinking about his question each week and as I hear myself counting down…I suddenly realized this is not almost the end….it is really just the beginning!

I am so excited to see how far I have come in the few weeks I have been studying with the Master Keys.  I have learned so many life skills and reading today my mind closed in on the thought that this is a life long journey and it is more fun and exciting than ever!   I love that!  I do not have to achieve anything.  I only need to be.  I only need to do, to act to believe and give.

One of my favorite things in this week’s webinar was on the Law of Least Effort.  Oh my.  How this law changes everything about the way I have lived my life thus far.  The resistance in every moment I have felt day in and day out right in the pit of my stomach.

Oh the peace and joy of staying in the moment….living the moment—actually enjoying the moment, whatever that moment is, knowing that my life is made up of all those little moments.  Since that is true, then my life is the sum of those moments and what I make of them.

I intend to make the most of each moment by enjoying, loving, giving and breathing peace and gratefulness.

Week 22a — Watching it come true, piece by piece !

Last Saturday I was honored to be the guest speaker at a ladies’ and girls’ banquet for mentors and their proteges.  The organization running the event has touched so many lives.  Two of my sons and my husband are mentors for 3 little boys, so we have been a part of this ministry for several years and have been so very blessed.

This is the second year in a row that I have been asked to speak at the girl’s annual breakfast.  Last year I wrote a short story for this special occasion.  The theme of last year’s banquet was being the hero of your own story.  Wow!  Imagine that! 🙂  I wrote a short story (and put it in the form of a booklet with illustrations drawn by my daughter) for that banquet based on that theme.

Well it seems they all liked the story so much, I was asked to write another story especially for this banquet.  This time they did not have a theme yet, so I suggested one—gratitude.  Once again I wrote a story, made it into a booklet and asked my son to illustrate it.  It turned out awesome and everyone loved the story.  So many were touched and plan to read the story to people in their lives.  Little girls came up to me asking for me to autograph the little book (in fact many adults asked the same thing 🙂 ) One little girl in particular, only 14 years old asked if I could sit and talk to her.  The pain in this little girl’s eyes was so deep, so sad–it just broke my heart.  Her mentor filled me in on some of her pain and at the end of our talk the little girl seemed to feel a bit better.  I went and signed a special book for her with a note in it.  I took it to her and saw a sweet smile in those eyes.  What a wonderful blessing to be able to use something I love (writing) to help other people.

I told my husband last week…”do you know some of my DMP is already coming true?–I am being asked to speak at events I never would have dreamed of!”  I always thought I would be a speaker at events on health and nutrition (which I have done a few times)–but I am seeing my horizons broadened.  I love seeing the difference made in others’ lives when they know they can live the life of joy and gratitude they never thought was possible.

Wow.  What a life.

Week 22 — So Worth It!

Last week I chose to pick up and push forward in spite of feeling like throwing my hands up and quitting.

Well….I am certainly glad I chose to do the hard thing.  For me, forgiving myself and pushing forward was hard.  Most of my life my emotions have swung from guilt to anger to sorrow to resentment….on and on.  Oh, of course I have had many moments of joyful times.  But it just seems my life has been ruled by my emotions…most of it negative emotion.

Last week I made the conscious choice to shake off the guilt I felt over some failure and chose to use those negative emotions to propel me forward in my dream of being a joyful wife, mother and grandmother …… consistently joyful, not just moments of joy.

Wow.  I have felt the power this week in using those negative emotions to charge my dream.  It is like something I never would have even imagined could happen.  When I feel a surge of sadness or guilt or even anger wash over me, I almost instantly have been able to switch on the thought “Oh!  I can use this for power!”

It has worked for me.  Every single time this week.  I know I must make that conscious choice to make the switch, but I feel it happening almost instantly.

The thing that makes me so excited is thinking of the statement Mark made a couple of weeks ago that referred to moving forward in our dreams.  Of course we have to move forward.  At this point to go back would be having to override the NEW blueprint that is now firmly in place.

Wow.  The joy.  The beautiful wondrous joy of being able to choose and KNOWING it!!

Week 21 — Crash and burn, or pick up and go forward?

This past weekend I had a huge face plant.    I let emotions rule me and I crashed.  I hurt those I love the most.  While at the time it felt like I had “crashed and burned”, I now realize it was a down “moment” in time.

This is the worst moment I have had since beginning the Master Keys course.  That in itself is huge…looking back on it.  I have struggled with emotions for years and have let emotions rule my life at times.  I can now say that I am beginning to feel a bit of a victory in spite of this time of crashing, although it has taken me a few days to get that feeling of moving forward back.

I was so discouraged after the event, that I did not pick up my Master Keys readings for 2 days.  TWO DAYS.  Oh my.  I have not even let ONE day go by without doing my readings since I began this course.  Letting two days go by before I finally made myself get going again felt like defeat.  Utter defeat.  I kept thinking, after all these weeks of working so hard to be the master of my thoughts, what is the use?  What could I possibly read in this week’s lesson that will help me now?

But this morning, I squared my shoulders and decided if I do not keep going, what will I lose?  I realized I will lose a lot.  I do not want to keep living my life in servant of emotions and worrying what others think of me.  I am ready to be the master of my thoughts and I even gave myself a pep talk about how much better I have been doing compared to just a few months ago.

I picked up the lesson book and was greatly encouraged when I read section 18—“We do a thing, then do it again, and again, and again, until it becomes easy and perhaps almost automatic; and the same rule applies in breaking any and all bad habits; we stop doing a thing, and then avoid it again, and again until we are entirely free from it;”

The next few sentences seemed to be written just for me, just for this time in my life.  These words so perfectly filled my need that it brought tears to my eyes. “and if we do fall now and then, we should by no means lose hope, for the law is absolute and invincible and gives us credit for every effort and every success, even though our efforts and successes are perhaps intermittent.”

The smile on my face is back.  Joy and hope warms my heart again and replaces the coldness of the defeat I had felt.

Yes.  I will pick up and go forward.  “Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more.”

Week 20 — In Him

I LOVED this week’s reading in the Master Keys.

For me, the whole lesson boiled down to “In Him we live and move and have our being” and “you ARE because He IS.”

To think that the only difference between His spirit and mine is one of degree…wow.  What a mind blower! 🙂

And to think all these years I have betlittled Him because I have belittled His creation—Me!  How humbling, yet how powerful that thought is.

I have believed the Bible to be true all of my life, but I am seeing that belief has been very shallow because I have not acted on that belief.  To believe is to do, to obey.  The Father has said over and over in His Word how loving Him and trusting Him  is knowing that He wants the very best for me.  As I know that, I can move confidently and with purpose living the life that serves others in joy.

Reading how inspiration will come through the silence  (20-18 “Inspiration is from within.  The silence is necessary, the senses must be stilled, the muscles relaxed, repose cultivated.”) reminds me of the verse “Be still and know that I am God.”

What a beautiful thing….in the very midst of trying and stressful circumstances, the thought comes to me “Just be still, Sharon. Just be still.”

Week 19 — Tough week

This has been an emotionally and physically draining week.  A good friend of mine died last Thursday.   She was the victim of a sudden, freak, horrific accident.

I have to say I have been reading Og’s Scroll V with a heavy heart, but a new meaning.  On Thursday, after I heard the news of her accident, I was reading this Scroll.  All too real…all so tragic….all so sudden.  “I will live this day as if it is my last.”  I thought, “yesterday was her last day on this earth.”  Then, “the duties of today I shall fulfill today.” She did that.  She was out doing her duties, she was out serving others.  I knew this.  “Today I shall lift up a friend in need;” She was continually doing that.  Actively lifting up those in need, she was the epitome of cheer and joy.  I mean that literally.  I never knew of a day that I saw her that she was not smiling and truly joyful to see me.

At the funeral I learned many women had said she was their “best friend.”  She was a best friend to many.  She made everyone she was with feel important and loved and needed.

I learned at the funeral of so many that were touched deeply and profoundly by her life.  I heard some say “now she is walking with her Savior”….her son corrected that and said “She walked with her Savior everyday.”  She lived her life in praise and honor to her Savior and in service to others.  And that is not just “funeral talk”…no, She was the real deal.

I have not been able to stop thinking of her and the many tributes made to her.  No one spoke of her wealth, her beauty, her talent, her wisdom…..they spoke of her love for her Heavenly Father and for her fellow man.

Now….I am determined.. “I will live this day as if it is my last.”